Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Band Form

Please click on the link below to fill out the summer band form, for grades 5-8:


Saturday, May 3, 2014

State Solo/Ensemble Results


Emily Rongstad-vocal solo, Gabe Toft-baritone solo, Noelle Belmore-musical theater solo, Sarah Thompson-vocal solo, Doug Sands-musical theater solo, Sarah Thompson-musical theater solo, Doug Sands and Gabe Toft-vocal duet, Katie Solfest and Doug Sands-brass duet, Percussion Ensemble

Adina Eytcheson, Maria Berge, Noelle Belmore, Emily Rongstad, Sam O'Brien, Selena Kent-double trio, Autumn Rehling-vocal solo, Tylor Murphy-vocal solo, Doug Sands-vocal solo, Breanna Butterfield-musical theater solo, Gabe Toft-musical theater solo, Grace Olson-vocal solo, Emily Rongstad-musical theater solo, Katie Solfest-musical theater solo, Doug Sands-piano solo

Jenna Booth-musical theater solo

Critique Only:
Grace Olson, Jenna Booth, Lauren Jaskowski, Camryn Felton-double duet

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Vocal Music Department receives Monetary Award!

Noelle being serenaded by Barbershop Quartet "Dunn 4"

On Saturday, April 12th, the Eleva-Strum Vocal Music Department was presented an award of $300 from "The Dunn County Barbershoppers" at their 45th Annual Barbershop Show "Crazy Little Thing Called Love."  Eleva-Strum was one of two schools being presented with this award, with Elk Mound receiving the other award.  Holly Shattuck, Eleva-Strum choir director accepted this award on behalf of the vocal music department.  Also in attendance was choir vice president Noelle Belmore and alumni choir and musical student Ben Bilski. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

High School Solo Ensemble Results 2014


Class A
Advancing to state (starred First):
Doug Sands & Katie Solfest-brass duet, Doug Sands-musical theater solo, Noelle Belmore-musical theater solo, Addie Eytcheson, Maria Berge, Emily Rongstad, Noelle Belmore, Sam O'Brien & Selena Kent-vocal double trio, Grace Olson-vocal solo, Tylor Murphy-vocal solo, Jenna Booth-musical theater solo, Breanna Butterfield-musical theater solo, Grace Olson, Jenna Booth, Camryn Felton & Lauren Jaskowski-vocal double duet, Emily Rongstad-musical theater solo,  Sarah Thompson-musical theater solo, Gabe Toft-musical theater solo, Katie Solfest-musical theater solo, Gabe Toft-vocal solo, Doug Sands-vocal solo, Sarah Thompson-vocal solo, Sam O'Brien-vocal solo, Emily Rongstad-vocal solo, Autumn Rehling-vocal solo, Doug Sands & Gabe Toft-vocal duet, Doug Sands-piano solo

Class A (first):
Katie Solfest-trumpet solo, Jordan Grambort, Katie Solfest, Doug Sands & Ben Krochmalski-brass quartet, Noelle Belmore & Gabe Toft-vocal duet, Sam O'Brien & Selena Kent-vocal duet, Doug Sands & Katie Solfest-vocal duet, Emily Rongstad & Addie Eytcheson-vocal duet, Breanna Butterfield-vocal solo, Grace Olson-musical theater solo, Lauren Jaskowski-musical theater solo, Allison Olson-vocal solo, Coreen Rindahl-vocal solo, Jenna Booth-vocal solo

Class B:
Paige Wallery- euphonium solo, Kallista Hering-flute solo, Ethan Johnson-tenor saxophone solo, Ben Krochmalski-trombone solo, Deslyn Hart-flute solo, Alyssa Miland-flute solo, Brandon Gunderson-vocal solo, McKayla McElwaine-vocal solo, Aubrey Lasher-vocal solo, Alissa Bailey-vocal solo, Brielle McKillip-vocal solo

Class C:
Dylan Anderson-euphonium solo, Ryan Johnson-timpani solo, Kevin Tomlinson-bass clarinet solo, Lauren Jaskowski-tuba solo, Autumn Bautch & Tabitha Coffey-flute duet, Ryan Mai-trombone solo, Brielle McKillip-timpani solo, Savannah Austin, Grace Anderson & Evan Johnson-trumpet trio


Class A:
Doug Sands-trombone solo, Anna Schoen-saxophone solo, Josie Olson, McKenzie Hutchins & Jedediah Lorenz-drum trio, Lauren Jaskowski-vocal solo, Coreen Rindahl-musical theater solo, Selena Kent-musical theater solo, Sam O'Brien-musical theater solo, Noelle Belmore-vocal solo, Katie Solfest-vocal solo, Selena Kent-vocal solo, Cassie Hazen-vocal solo, Tyes Balk-vocal solo, Autumn Rehling & Coreen Rindahl-vocal duet, Matt Schwoch-vocal solo, Jenna Booth-piano solo

Class B:
Jenna Zingshiem-clarinet solo, Megan McLean-clarinet solo, Grace Toft-flute solo, Grace Olson-tenor saxophone solo, Mariah Skogstad-clarinet solo, Anna Schoen, Dustyn Topper, Erin Kensmoe & Kate Kensmoe-saxophone quartet, Olivia Warden & Tylor Murphy-flute duet, Dustyn Topper-vocal solo, Dustyn Topper, Tyes Balk, Michael Zaremba & Kevin Tomlinson-vocal double duet 

Class C:
David Bemis & Rosario Mora-Bates-trumpet duet, McKayla McElwaine & Jada Biederman-vocal duet


Class B:
Alex Dragseth-saxophone solo, Cassie Hazen-saxophone solo, Rachael Anderson-flute solo

Monday, March 10, 2014

Upcoming Concerts!

Welcoming Spring With Some Music!

Monday March 17th
Youth and Middle School Band and Choir Concert, 7 pm, in the CHS auditorium

Tuesday March 18th: 
Mandatory Trip Meeting, 6 pm in the CHS auditorium
High School Band and Choir Concert, 7 pm

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Valentine's Brunch and a Show

Presenting the Eleva-Strum Music Department's Second Annual Fundraiser:

Valentine's Brunch and a Show

When:  Sunday February 16th, meal at 1 pm, music to start at 2 pm

Where:  High School Gym at Eleva-Strum Central

Cost:  $15/person, 8 years old and under eat free!

Tickets:  You can purchase tickets from a music student, via Holly Shattuck or at the door

Menu:  Breakfast foods, buffet style

What to expect:  Small group and solo acts,  Fermata NoWhere- the a cappella group, Chamber Ensembles and a few selections from Middle and High School Band and Choir.  

Also, look for a raffle of items donated by local businesses!  Raffle tickets will be sold during the event.  

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Middle School Solo & Ensemble Results 2014

On January 25th, 7th and 8th grade music students travelled to Whitehall Memorial School in order to participate in solos, duets, and trios.  They performed in front of a judge and were rated based on that performance.  The students could perform in class C, B or A.  The classes increase in difficulty, with class A being the most difficult.  Class A and B selections are typically meant for high school students.   The judges also offered the students tips for performing, practicing and becoming a better musician.  

Here are the results:


Class B:
Allison Olson-marimba solo, Allison Olson-timpani solo, Zach Olson-alto saxophone solo, Madeleine Kempf-oboe solo,  Tatum Everson-vocal solo, Halle Nicolet-vocal solo, Taylor Everson-vocal solo, Chloe Cope-vocal solo 

Class C: 
Halle Nicolet-marimba solo, Paige Monson-tenor saxophone solo, Alyssa Miland-flute solo, Shayna Walter-clarinet solo,  Rosario Mora-Bates-vocal solo, Meghan Hering-vocal solo, Maiyra Hernandez-vocal solo, Alyssa Miland-vocal solo, Madeleine Kempf and Halle Nicolet-vocal duet, Taylor Everson and Tatum Everson-vocal duet, Madeleine Kempf, Aubrey Lasher, Taylor Everson, Taylor Weier, Allison Olson, Halle Nicolet, Abagail Palkowski, Tatum Everson and Maiya McSorley- vocal triple trio


Class B:
Marshall Reed-trumpet solo, Tom Myren-alto saxophone solo, Tabitha Coffey-flute solo, Aubrey Lasher-vocal solo, Taylor Weier-vocal solo, Madeleine Kempf-vocal solo 

Class C:
Rosario Mora-Bates-trumpet solo, Chloe Cope-oboe solo, Alyca Wojcik-alto saxophone solo, Autumn Bautch-flute solo, Roselia Mora-Jacobson-vocal solo, Maiya McSorley and Alyca Wojcik-saxophone duet, Alyca Wojcik and Rosario Mora-Bates-vocal duet, Anaka Oium and Autumn Bautch-vocal duet, Roselia Mora-Jacobson and Taylor Weier-vocal duet, Chloe Cope and Josephine Baynton-vocal duet,  Alyssa Miland, Taylor Riggen, Meghan Hering and Allison Olson-vocal double duet, Alyssa Miland, Taylor Riggen and Meghan Hering-flute trio, Rosario Mora-Bates, Roselia Mora-Jacobson and Alyca Wojcik-vocal trio


Class B:
Victor Adam-trumpet solo

Class C:
Anna Matchey and Stephanie Corbin-clarient duet